Trina Harper

So few people can truly call or consider themselves a self made entrepreneur. Trina Harper is one  of the few, carving her niche in the world.

Growing up in Detroit MI,  as a child her interest has always been make up artistry, fashion, and helping others. Even then she was known for her daring sense of fashion and was considered a true trendsetter. Over the past fifteen years ,Trina started from humble beginnings working in the field of esthetics, to building a client list of hundreds. She says she was able to cultivate such a successful business through hard work, dedication, and by just taking it day by day and one guest at time. She says she also able to compete and build such a large client base by customizing every service to suit each individual, more importantly by not treating them like just clients, but like guests in her own home. In doing so, her superior customer service ethic spread like wildflowers and made her a prominent figure in the beauty industry.

Her history as a seasoned professional also shows many hats that she has worn in this business. She has worked as a make-up artist, wax specialist, massage therapist, lash and eyebrow expert and too much more to name. Her impeccable skills have given her  huge notoriety, reaching not only Detroit but far beyond. She has appeared in many trade shows and magazines, as well as creating a video  which spotlights her ability to teach as well as perform. In the early 2000’s she created a  series called “Perfect Set”.  This series featured a precise way of lash application, eye lash extensions as well brow waxing.

In 2010, she decided to continue her education by attending Douglas J Aveda  Institute where she graduated at the top of her class.  It was at Aveda where she not only learned more beauty techniques, but also a better sense of discipline and a drive to take her business to the next level.  Also, a major turning point in her career came when she began to have several clients and family members affected by cancer. She states “Watching them have to constantly fight with skin problems as well as others issues, I came to the realization that I not only wanted, but  needed to do so much more for them.” That is where she decided to take her education even further and with an Oncology Esthetics course. There she learned life changing techniques that provided safe skin care treatments to individuals living with cancer, and other skin related issues that are a result of other illnesses.

Trina promises many wonderful experiences  that this spa will bring to the community.  But her most important vow is to treat every person who enters Evolution, regardless of disease, desire or disability,  will be welcomed with open arms and treated to the best of her and her staffs ability. And with all of her accolades and what she has done in the community thus far, we can be sure that this is one promise that she will keep.

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